First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire!

Welcome to my blog.

As I’ve just started it I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and what this blog is all about. My name is Callum and I will mainly be posting pictures of painted Warhammer 40k miniatures, talking about the hobby and all the satellite topics surrounding it.

I also enjoy talking about the process of painting and will usually talk through the paints used, the techniques involved etc (where I can remember what I used and what exactly I did). Who knows, maybe some of you will find a use in that.

I’ve been painting miniatures since 1996 which at the time of writing makes me a 20 year veteran. Truth be told there is probably only about 15 years of experience in there as I made the mistake of thinking that as an adult I should grow out of my hobby! Think of the wasted years!

I have played many games and painted many miniatures but truth is I love 40k above all other games and settings. I do get frustrated with the direction of Games Workshop sometimes and sometimes I see miniatures from other companies I want to play but I always find my way back to the Grim Darkness of the 41st millennium.

I’m a husband and father and as such my hobby time is often limited so I always strive to make the most of it. I’d rather paint one really good squad than a dozen quick and dirty ones. Painting for me is 90% of the hobby and the game and setting a canvas to set it to.

So welcome, and if you see any mess around don’t worry, it may take me a few weeks to get everything up and running properly and figure out what everything is and does on WP.

Feel free to drop me any comments or critiques on anything that I post, that’s what the comments are for after all.

Bye for now. – Callum


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