Imperial Guard

Techpriest Enginseers

As I plan to build a fairly tank heavy army (current count including transports puts that count at 12!) I figured I would need someone to repair damage so I picked up some Enginseers. Unfortunately I picked these up before the plastic one was released - so I probably will have to buy the new… Continue reading Techpriest Enginseers


Battlezones Terrain: Watchtower 1

I recently picked up the Urban Quadrant from Mantic as I plan to build a gaming table along with my Imperial Guard Army. I like the kits produced by Games Workshop but they are very expensive and frankly both of the gaming venues near me make use of the them. The modular nature of the… Continue reading Battlezones Terrain: Watchtower 1

Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard Chimera 1

To transport my Veterans around I personally favour the Chimera transport. I have just finished up the first one to go with my Veteran Squad I showed previously. This is my first Imperial Guard tank and the only time I have ever attempted a camouflage scheme. A couple of new things for me on this… Continue reading Imperial Guard Chimera 1

Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 1

Here is the first of my Veteran Squads for my Imperial Guard. I have added custom plasma guns (I forget where they are from) as I intend to run triple plasma on my squads, though I will have extra lasgun armed models should I choose to run just double. I've gone for a basic grey… Continue reading Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 1