Look Back: Malifaux

Another day another false start. Sometimes I just want to paint some miniatures and begin to entertain ideas that the few wargamers I know will drop whatever project they are working on and buy into a whole new game… usually with unsurprising results. The upshot is that I give myself an excuse to buy some […]

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Khorne Lord of Skulls

Back in July one of my friends received a Lord of Skulls as an anniversary present (lucky bastard) to add to his Khorne Daemonkin Army. Being both a beginner at painting minis and burdened with a hefty backlog of unpainted miniatures he asked me if I would paint it for him. Having a hefty backlog […]

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Techpriest Enginseers

As I plan to build a fairly tank heavy army (current count including transports puts that count at 12!) I figured I would need someone to repair damage so I picked up some Enginseers. Unfortunately I picked these up before the plastic one was released – so I probably will have to buy the new […]

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Imperial Guard Chimera 1

To transport my Veterans around I personally favour the Chimera transport. I have just finished up the first one to go with my Veteran Squad I showed previously. This is my first Imperial Guard tank and the only time I have ever attempted a camouflage scheme. A couple of new things for me on this […]

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Vindicare Assassin

A quick Vindicare Assassin to help out my Imperial Guard. Really nice model to paint, I probably should pick up the other assassins but the Vindicare has always been my favourite. Already had a game with him and he managed to one-shot a Predator which was a lot of fun. Followed the GW studio paint […]

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Imperial Guard Veteran Squad 1

Here is the first of my Veteran Squads for my Imperial Guard. I have added custom plasma guns (I forget where they are from) as I intend to run triple plasma on my squads, though I will have extra lasgun armed models should I choose to run just double. I’ve gone for a basic grey […]

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